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Global Mother Divine Organisation

Global Mother Divine Organisation
Ladies’ Wing of the Global Country of World Peace

The 2013 Global Calendar of Courses and Celebrations

In this 2013 Calendar we have included the important global celebration days of the Global Country of World Peace, such as Vasant PanchamiAkshaya TritiyaGuru Purnima, and 12th January, as well as Global Mother Divine Organisation courses and other Vedic Festivals. Some of the events listed are for the entire family, and others are specifically for ladies.

Our courses for ladies

The Global Mother Divine Organisation’s courses for ladies of all ages include our special World Peace Assemblies, Residence Courses, and one-day courses featuring very special knowledge talks by Maharishi and experience discussions with the Raj Rajeshwaris, giving the opportunity to deepen both knowledge and experience.

Celebrating local, national, and universal cultural traditions

An important aspect of keeping the life of society in an evolutionary direction is to honour the local cultural traditions, as well as to enliven the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, which is common to all cultures. There is a reciprocal, nourishing relationship between these two levels of Natural Law – the cultural traditions that are specific to the people of one country or area, and the celebrations and traditions that apply to everyone.

Some of the festival days noted in this Calendar are Vedic Festivals. In the Vedic Calendar, every day is a celebration of the Divine within man. With the dawn of each new day, a different quality of Nature’s Intelligence awakens within us. The values of Creative Intelligence celebrated in the Vedic Calendar are Nature’s Intelligence that characterises the specific qualities of those days. Celebrating these qualities of Nature’s Intelligence means enlivening them in oneself and in one’s environment, and when these values are enlivened, everything in life blossoms in its fullness.

‘So we always respect traditions in order that some day of the year enlivens some aspect of the Unified Field’s nature, some other day some other aspect of the Unified Field’s nature is enlivened. Third festival comes. Fourth celebration comes to enliven different, different levels, different, different areas of the Unified Field. And the whole year taken into account, all possible aspects of the Unified Field come to be enlivened in the whole cycle of the year.’ —Maharishi, 23 November 1983 (Thanksgiving Day in the USA)

We welcome you to participate

The Global Mother Divine Organisation welcomes you to attend our special courses and to celebrate all the special events in this calendar, as well as your own national, regional, and local festivals, which will enliven the Laws of Nature specific to your area and create a wave of bliss for the whole population.