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Cyprus Vedic Village

Become a part of Cyprus Vedic Village on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The development, built according to principles of Vedic architecture, is in a ​warm and sunny ​climate, with crystal clear sea beaches​, untouched forests, and mountains nearby.

Located in the European Union, and only 40 minutes from an international airport,
the project will be ideal for second homes, vacations, ​long or short-term ​retreats, and retirement.

For non-EU citizens, there are options for Cyprus residency and Cyprus (EU) passports.

This will be an opportunity to combine an excellent financial investment with the benefits
of living in a Vastu meditator community, in a peaceful, healthy and silent environment.

A Maharishi Peace Palace and a Maharishi Ayurveda health Spa are planned for the project.

To learn more and indicate your interest, please respond to

Jai Guru Dev

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